Email from a close DNA match of my Uncle Russ Allen abt our Allen DNA

Hi Coni,

As Russ Allen’s Terminal SNP is Z2542 it appears you have run the Big Y for Russ Allen. I have also run the Big Y.

You might want to join the R1b Project. I also joined Alex Williamson’s special project through the R1b project.

Alex has us as DF13 – ZZ10. Not a whole lot is known about the ZZ10 subglade.

It appears our Allen group is again unique in that there are a number of DF13 folks, we are rare at the ZZ10.

It is the same with our Y – STR’s. We have a 13 at DYS426. Only 1.9% of the total population has the value 13 at that marker. Our R subgroup d is the only Allen subgroup with 13 at DYS426.

Sometimes it’s neat to be unique, sometimes not.

A DNA Cousin,

Dick Allen


Oh, I ran across your web site – very well done!