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Newspaper articles that mention James Conklin

James Cochran (later changed his name to Conklin)
Barkhamsted Descendant

James Conklin (Cochran)

Note from Coni: I spoke with Kathy (Messenger) Melody today and has a close family connection to James (She also donated photo above – she had of James) – She filled in the blanks as best she could – Her Uncle told her at one time that James changed his name due to hiding from wife’s ex (Anna Edna (Fox) Tyler, Cochran/Conklin) – main reason they moved to New York and then changed their names to Conklin from that point on! The only 2 descendants I can find is that of James and Anna who had 2 sons (Gertrude’s line would not be descent Francis Andrew & Henry James Conklin.

From: Jan Tyler <> To: ‘Kathy Melody‘ <>
Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2015 6:12 PM Subject: RE: Aunt Annie Death
Hi Kathy, Thank you for your email and the additional information and photos. My connection to her is from my father, Warren E. Tyler who was her oldest son she had with George W. Tyler, her first husband. Annie/Anna married George Tyler on April 20, 1907 and had four children with him. Ethel, Warren (my father), Gertrude and George Raymond. You know Gertrude and George as Conklin, but they were legally born Tyler. They were a family living in Springfield Massachusetts until 1918. Sometime in 1918, Annie’s/Anna ‘s marriage to George fell apart and she left George taking Gertrude and George with her where she ended up in Torrington Connecticut as a house keeper for James Cochran now Conklin. Since Annie/Anna had left and her husband George was unable to care for my father and his older sister, Ethel, they were rescued by the Hampden County Children Aid Association and made wards of the state of Massachusetts in 1919. My father and my Aunt Ethel spent their childhood in foster care until 1929. Jan Tyler

(All newspaper’s donated by: Susan Shepard )Pedigree Chart for  James Henry Conklin

April 4, 1935 – Chatham Courier – Chatham, NY
Pays $15 After Guilty Verdict
James Conkin, Lebanon Springs, Given Jury Trial.

New Lebanon Grange Hall was packed to the doors Friday evening for the trial by jury of James Conklin, of Lebanon Springs. Conklin was arrested the night of March 22, by Corporal James Rose, of the State Police, on a charge of violation of the automobile traffic laws, it being alleged he operated his car with defective lights. When arraigned before Jude A. Ross Rider, Conklin requested a jury trial, hence the hearing Friday evening. Opening of the case was delayed about fifteen minutes, pending the arrival of Harold V. A. Drumm, of Chatham, attorney for the defendant. The state’s case was handled by Corp. Rose, assisted by Tooper Hillfrank, of the Petersburg patrol. Attorney Drumm had much difficulty acquiring a jury satisfactory to him and much time was taken up by the selection of the jury. The whole panel as drawn was soon exhausted and it became necessary for Judge Rider to select jurymen from eligible persons on hand as spectators. Trooper Rose testified for the plaintiff, and witnesses for the defense were the defendants and Wibur H. McKern. Following the taking of testimony, Attorney Drumm summed up for the defense and Trooper Hillfrank for the state, following which the jury retired to consider the case. After deliberating well into the second hour, the jury returned with a verdict of “guilty” and the defendant was fined $15.00 by Justice Rider. The jury as finally chosen was, Thomas Schell, Edward J. Flinn, Arthur C. Cartlton and Wilson Cole.

Oct. 19, 1939 – Chatham Courier – Chatham, NY
Two Given 30 Days for Red Rock Larceny
Suspended Sentence to Third for Theft of Metal

Three Red Rock men last week took the hard way to earn $5 and as a result two of the trio have thirty days in which to think it over their shortcomings, in the county jail, and their father, the third of the party, can do his thinking under suspended jail sentence for the next six months. James Conklin and his two sons, Francis and Henry, all of Red Rock, were charged by Joseph Dudoire(?), with petit larceny and after their arrest by Trooper J. J. Mirklas, of the New Lebanon State Police outpost, were arraigned before Justice of the Peace W. J. Spence of Spencertown, who meted (?) out the sentences. All three, according to authorities pleaded guilty to having gone to the Dudoire (?) Farm, in the Red River section, and dismantling various pieces of farm machinery. The ______ _______ (?) netted about 500 pounds of iron which the men trucked to Troy and sold for a ______(?) $5. The trip to Troy is estimated to have cost the thieves at least $1 for gasoline, leaving a possible net of $4, not considering the time spent. Judge Spence pointed out the fact that all three of the men could have found employment picking apples for which they would have been paid 5 (or 50 ? ) cents per hour and thereby each could have made as much, honestly, as the three made and quickly lost on their “hot junk.”

March 28, 1940Chatham Courier – Chatham, NY
Red Rock

Mr. and Mrs. James Conklin attended the funeral of his mother, Mrs. Susan Humphrey, of Roxbury, Conn., last Monday.

Oct. 10. 1940Chatham Courier – Chatham, NY
Brainard Station

James Conklin with his 3 sons and Charles Ashley are picking apples in Livingston.

Mar 22, 1945Chatham Courier – Chatham, NY
Court to Rule On Jury Award Against Former Co. Official
Dr. Louis Van Hoesen Is Defendant In Court Action

Supreme Court Justice William H. Murray of Troy, Yesterday reserved decision on a defense motion to set aside a $3,000 Albany County Supreme Court jury award in favor of James Conklin of McKnownsville, formerly of Lebanon Springs, against Dr. Louis Van Hoesen, former Health Commissioner of Columbia County. Mr. Conklin charged that he was committed to the Hudson River State Hospital at Poughkeepsie on Dr. Van Heusen’s certification that he required mental care. Conklin contends he was of sound mind. Deputy, sheriff Lloyd Church of Lebanon, as also named a defendant, but the jury returned a verdict of no cause for action against Church. The move to set aside the verdict was based, in addition to the usual grounds, on the grounds that the court attendant had informed members of the jury that separate verdicts could be returned.

May 4, 1961Chatham Courier – Chatham, NY
James Conklin Is Dead At 79

James H. Conklin, 79, a resident of Pulver Station, Town of Ghent, died April 28 at Columbia Memorial Hospital. A native of Richmond. Me., he had spent the greater part of his life in Columbia County. Mr. Conklin was a retired saw mill operator. He is survived by his wife, Anna Johnson: three sons, Francis and Henry of Mellenville, and George of Elmhurst, L. I.; a daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Winters, Valatie; a brother, Robert. Waterbury, Conn.; a sister, Mrs. Flossy Johnson, Washington, Conn., and 12 Grandchildren. Funeral Services were held Sunday afternoon at the J. A. French Funeral Home. Chatham, with Rev. Oscar Arnold officiating, Intermets was in Cemetery of the Evergreens, New Lebanon.

Note from Coni: I found no Find A Grave for James – so created one and linked him

Find A Grave #: 162589560


Stephentown Historical SocietyGrave Records · NL002
Evergreens Cemetery
Conklin, Blanche    __/___/1910 ca  –  26/JAN/1978  –  31  – U     
Conklin, Grace C.  17/JUL/1898         –  21/JUL/1951     
Conklin, James        __/___/1882     –  __/___/1961           
Conklin, John L.    __/___/1901 ca   –  28/JUL/1978  –  52  – s

Coni’s Note: I want to thank Susan Shepard for finding all these newspapers for us while on other Chagum research we are working on together. She happened across these and wanted to share. Susan is a professional researcher and is a very, very busy lady, I am truly honored she helps when she can, where she can. (she is amazing and I’m learning so much from her). Due to her high volume of work she is unable to personally answer any questions – please direct them to me and I will address them to her if need be. She is working on Samuel Chagum for us and has done a tremendous amount of work also on what happen to Mary (Molly) after James had passed and will be putting it all together for us when she completes what she needs to do with original 18th and 19th century records from several Connecticut towns.

Keep in mind: Susan is doing the hands on research for us – visiting sites, town records vaults and historical societies.


I’ve been a family Genealogist/Native American Researcher for over 30+ years and have traced over 65,000+ people for my research - My main area of research is in MI, IN, CT, NY, RI, PA, MA, VA, VT, NJ, OH, KY, Block Island & Long Island areas - dealing with many of the colonial people & tribes in these locations.

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