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My Allen Lineage & Story


Note from Coni – From our records:
1. Julia married George Short sometime between 1861 -1865 (believe this is her ONLY husband)
2. George Short served in the Civil War – became MIA
3. He didn’t return from the war the story is he was MIA for several years after war ended (possibly wounded unable to return)
4. Julia Kinney/Keeney got pregnant with a Allen man (no known marriage between them) possibly names of: Delotes, Ladous, John Allen (We now know name is Zelotes/Zelotus Paddock Allen)  we believe George Short returned while she was pregnant or just had our George Allen
5. She told Allen man that if George ever returned she would honor her 1st marriage/husband (We believe Allen man was living with her in her & George Shorts home)
6. She broke it off with Allen to go back with her 1st husband George Short whom raised my GGrandfather George Allen – I believe his birth name possibly is George Allen Short (we can’t find any birth record in Short or Allen so unsure at this time)
7. I believe George didn’t know who his REAL FATHER WAS OR the identity of his origin or thought throughout his life that George Short was his real father (each record I have states different Fathers – John (1st marriage) Delotes (2nd marriage) and on his DEATH RECORD STATES Ladous which is what his mother Julia Keeney supposedly stated on death record – One thing to note – says informant Julia Keeney but she was deceased at the time – who actually did the record then?
8. We do know at one point George Allen found out that George Short wasn’t his real father & DROPPED THE SHORT NAME and became known as GEORGE ALLEN

Note: Julia & George Short moved to Michigan and had several Short children – George was the only Allen born to Julia (Keeney/Short) and Zelotes Allen – MY GRANDFATHER Alvin Allen son of George Allen once told me – We are not who you think we are!

We have done a complete DNA on my Uncle Russ Allen and info on his DNA can be found at: The ALLEN DNA Patrilineage 2 Project – We are proven to be a Ancient & Unique Allen line –

Info on Zelotes Paddock Allen father to George Allen (Alvin, Rex and then me) –  Not much info on birth & death of Zelotes/Zelotus – Was later married to Nancy French and had several children


Wellsboro Agitator (Wellsboro PA)  Dated 16 April 1902: The burial of Zelotes Allen, of Lawrence township, took place at French Hill Wednesday.

French Hill cemetery is that of his wife Nancy French family burial – French Hill Cemetery, Middlebury, Tioga PA -This is the French Family burial plot; This cemetery is situated in the northwestern part of the township at what is known as French Hill.

The French Hill Cemetery Association was incorporated September 24, 1894, by A. D. Shaff, S. J. Roe, N. T. French, P. D. Shaff, John Brown and James Shaff.

Info on Julia (Keeney/Kinney) Short Mother to George Allen (Alvin, Rex and then me)

George & Julia (Keeney/Kinney) Short

Julia Short Death Certificate
Female Date of Death: Jan 3, 1916 Race: WHITE
Married Age: 74 yrs 1month 8days
Cause of death: Senility/Old Age Birthplace: Pennsylvania Occupation: House Wife
Name of Father: Jesse Kinney Birthplace: Unk
Name of Mother: Sophia MCARTHUR Birthplace: Unk
State of Michigan County: Ogemaw

Note from Coni: Have found where to get copies of obit – just need to get them~
SHORT, MRS. GEO. W.     Died     RCR     January 13, 1916     Page 8     Column 1
SHORT, MRS.                       Died     RCR     January 6, 1916     Page 8     Column 2

Info on George ShortStep-father to George Allen

Both Julia & George Short were buried at: Hill Township Cemetery & Hill Township Burial Records (1901-1952). – The  cemetery  is located near the Hill Township Town Hall  on Town Hall  Road in Ogemaw County Michigan, T23N-R4E. This cemetery has  no individual  tombstones  remaining. The Hill Township  Burial  Records represent persons who died in Hill Township, some were buried in  the Hill Township Cemetery, but most were buried in  other surrounding cemeteries. – You must look at the Hill Township  Burial  Records  to determine what cemetery the person is buried in. – The burial records were recorded in 2000 by Karen J Brewer, 27424 Bertrand, Chesterfield MI 48051. Copies of these records are available through HSGS.

Short’s Burial’s On Record at HSGS:
Short, Bernice         1913-1913           Hill Burial Rec
Short, Doris June    1936-1936         Hill Burial Rec
Short, George          1839-1922        Hill Burial Rec
Short, Jesse D      Unk-1936 ( 73yr)  Hill Burial Rec
Short, Julia           1842-1916            Hill Burial Rec
(Was moved to Oak Grove Cemetery from Hill Township Cemetery)
Short, Lloyd              1928-1947                Hill Burial Rec
Short, Luther            1914-1915                 Hill Burial Rec
Short, Luther L         1870-1943                 Hill Burial Rec
Short, Mary Jane      1883-1945                 Hill Burial Rec
Short, Ray                1923-1924                 Hill Burial Rec

Find A Grave #:
George Short: 62775877
Julia (Keeney/Kinney) Short: 62775689

SO far this is all the lineage we can 'prove' on our Allen linesCapture


I’ve been a family Genealogist/Native American Researcher for over 30+ years and have traced over 65,000+ people for my research - My main area of research is in MI, IN, CT, NY, RI, PA, MA, VA, VT, NJ, OH, KY, Block Island & Long Island areas - dealing with many of the colonial people & tribes in these locations.

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