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Barkhamsted Lighthouse Reunion Event Schedule! Time is near! Hope to see ya all there!

Event Schedule pg 1Event Schedule pg 2Event Schedule pg 3Event Schedule pg 4Event Schedule pg 5Event Schedule pg 6Event Schedule pg 7Event Schedule pg 8

To download PDF Version: Barkhamsted Lighthouse Event Schedule hosted by Coni Dubois

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Barkhamsted Lighthouse Reunion is upon us! SO EXCITED!


Facebook Event:

We are but a couple of weeks away! So excited! I have been working on this for over 25 yrs – this has been my life’s work and the time is here – We knew we had Native American blood running thru our veins we just didn’t know from where or what tribe and I NOW know it isn’t just one tribe but MANY – when my father Rex Allen asked me over 25 years ago to find our roots – I NEVER thought it would lead to this moment……. this is my life’s dream – to find us and bring us all together~
I CAN’T WAIT!!! Greatest find truly has been all the extended family I have connected with~
SO MANY of us weren’t raised around our Native American people…. we are the remnants of the slavery & indenturing & genocide of our people – we were ripped from our people and made into ‘white society’ – it was taken from us….
My goal isn’t to get ‘my card’ – my goal is to get the truth of our ANCESTORS – to be standing here today …..truly is the gift of it all~
I just want to note my main research is the 1600’s to the 1800’s – after the 1800’s I have much work to do on many lines but feel if I can get everyone to the 1800’s they can take it from there~ With all the years of merging trees and adding people I have much work to do in my files and work constantly on fixing doubling up on people and wrong lines – but IF I worked on a line it is very detailed and then I stand by that work but lines that are basic info then needs work and that is where I need help in those ‘branches’ ~ I am but one person – not out to prove anything – just have done a tremendous amount of work in finding the truth abt my people – My research is just that “My” research – there is many mistakes in my work due to years of merging files, adding gedcoms and broken links and no longer webpages – I am the organizer of it all thou and have kept everything I had found~ Thru the years I have collected every little fact, record or document and thru the years my research books started adding up —- it was such a shame not to share it all….. I just couldn’t bare to have it also ‘lost’ to history – so I created my own blog and add it all there for all to view:
I am proud to have Native American blood running thru my veins and I am proud to be a descendant of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse story but most importantly this work and all I have done has changed me – grounded me – it has made me a better person – I am only a instrument in many who have done just as much work as I have in all of this – they cared abt history, they cared abt our ancestors – my work is just that the work of many and my work will be added to the work of many I hope~ I have not forgotten and as long as I am breathing I will continue to get to truth of it all……this world has been made by ‘conquering’ & genocide – and at every turn death and to be ‘created’ truly is a miracle~
I know NOTHING abt ‘being indian’ but what I know it is a precious gift to this world that was taken away, forgotten, covered up and hidden….lost~
I love my path in life – know this is what I was meant to do – all I do is for family – it is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE~
Barkhamsted Connecticut is beautiful, the Lighthouse story is beautiful – I want everyone to disconnect and tune into the beauty of it all – this time is about coming together and celebrating the family~