Barkhamsted Lighthouse Descendants Virtual Grave on Find A Grave

I am trying to hunt down all the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Descendants that are deceased –
Thru Find A Grave – I am trying to connect them all in one big virtual cemetery~
I am at 98 descendants now of James & Molly Chagum’s 8 children.
The link to this VGrave is:
Barkhamsted Lighthouse Descendants VGrave
I have abt 85% of Jame’s & Molly Chagum’s genealogy/family tree done –
I am working on the branches now while doing the FAGrave.
I have been using FAG for a couple of years now –
during my research I have used the FAGrave to hunt down many graves which is coming in useful now!
Anyone you don’t see in this VGrave please let me know  –
if they have a FAG#: please share that info also –
I am trying to get ownership of all of the graves if possible so I can add the needed info~
This will take some time – I do have all the graves to me to them~