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Dream is truly becoming a reality!

My Husband Jay Dubois did great on the projector and setup for me! He got it all figured out and works GREAT – he has created my own lil wifi world – I am able to run my iPad as a remote for the projector during presentations – this is a major plus for me  all I would want to share is on m iPad – gives me freedom to show many things now – not just presentations – files, records, maps and so much more – I was able to walk outside and still change the screen with my iPad SO COOL – Only need a screen or a wall (didn’t purchased that most places have them already)
Along with all of this we have completely installed security camera‘s around our home/garage – now have 24/7 security system – even able to view it wherever we go: on our cells, pads & computers – not so worried about our home as much now – Alerts the police and fire – we have our dog that protects it + I live in a neighborhood – we all have each others back when out of town also~
One big bonus from Jay being with the police (was a police officer for 6 years) we have made many friends – they pass by the house often for us also~
I am so ready!!!! Getting really excited!  All thanks to my husband – He is my biggest supporter and fan – I am completely able & ready to get on the road and track my ancestors now – he has provided everything to make this dream a reality – he knew how much this meant to my Father and he has made sure I will be able to do what needs to be done – none of this would of been possible without him~
The last thing on our list was our 2″ ball for trailer hitch and sway-bar & it is in! We only have to drive back to Lafayette to pick it up – that was all we needed! Can’t wait til May to come now!!!!