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Ernest “Emmett” Griffith & Lucy Genevieve Amo

Ernest Emmett & Lucy Genevieve (Amo) Griffith

My Grandfather Alvin Allen was married to Marion Etoile Griffith –

Lucy Amo/Griffith/Baker with my Grandmother Marion E. Griffith mother of Alvin Allen

daughter of Ernest “Emmett” Griffith & Lucy Genevieve Amo

Ernest Emmett Griffith 18 Sep 1889 – 23 Sep 1915
Death Notice: Newspaper September 1915 Arenac  County (Michigan)
found by – Penny Carney
EXPLOSION KILLS TWO MEN – Two Delano Farmers, Robert Smith and Emmett Griffith, Have fatal Accident With Dynamite As a result of a premature explosion of 20 sticks of dynamite, the lives of two well known Delano farmers were snuffed out last Thursday. Emmett Griffith and Robert Smith were lowing stumps and had set down on a log to rest a moment.  Near them was a pail containing 20 sticks of dynamite, a quantity of dynamite caps and fuse. They both were smoking and the supposition is that a spark from one of their pipes fell into the pail and caused the explosion which occurred a few minutes after they had seated themselves. Griffith had both legs blown off near the thigh and was otherwise mangled. He lived for only two to three hours after the accident. Smith had one leg and one arm blown off and suffered other severe injuries.  He died about 5:00 o’clock that afternoon.  Both men regained consciousness before they died and told the same story as to how the accident occurred. The funerals were held on Saturday and Sunday. Griffith was 26 years old and leaves a widow and one child.  Smith was 19 years old and single. The sympathy of the entire community is extended to the bereaved relatives.
Lucy Genevieve Amo 22 Apr 1882 – 25 Feb 1947
No Death Noticeneed this!
Lucy Genevieve Griffith Death Certificate State File #: 1677 Local File: 17
Medical Certificate: Feb 25, 1947 at 10:55 AM – Died of: Pulmonary Embolism
Place of Death: Newberry, Luce, Michigan at the Newberry Clinic was in the hospital 5 days (in community for 15 years)
Residence of Deceased: Mackinac, Protage, Michigan
S: Female C: White – Widowed Name of husband: Emmett Griffith
Birthdate: April 22, 1882 was 64 yrs, 10 mn, 3 days at death
Birthplace: Rockwood, Michigan – Occupation: Housewife
Father: Samuel Amo – Michigan 
Mother: Mary Compo – Michigan
Informant: Mrs. Alvin Allen Address: Germfask, Michigan
Burial at: Forest Home Cemetery in Newberry Michigan
Forest Home Cemetery – Luce County, Michigan
405 Newberry Ave Newberry, MI 49868 -Phone Number: (906) 293-5572
Lat: 46°21’01″N, Lon: 85°31’26″W
Keith Stephens, Sexton: P.O. Box 442 – Newberry, MI 49868
The cemetery is located on the south side of McMillan Ave, 0.5 miles west of M-123 in NewberryForest Home Cemetery, Newberry, Luce, Michigan – Cemetery List
Transcribed by Duane & Jacquelyn Hargis, July 2001.
Griffith, Lucy G: 1883 – 1947
Funeral Director: Leonard C. Peterson from Newberry Michigan – Filed 2/28/1947
Marriage of Emmett & Lucy Griffith
Record No.: 13 – Book 3029
Date of License: 3/16/1909
Ernest Griffith 19 White From Arenac, Michigan BP: Michigan Farmer
Father: D. Griffith 
Mother: Erma Cartnight
Lucy Amo 26 White From Arenac, Michigan
BP: Michigan
Father: Sam Amo – May Petterson
Date of Marriage: 3/29/1909 
in AuGres Michigan
By: T.E. Webster – Justice
Witnesses: Albert & Katherine Amo both of AuGres, Michigan.


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