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The totem of the Narragansett Tribe is the Calumet, the peace pipe meaning good will and brotherly love to all mankind.

Narragansett Dawn Vol 2 No 1 May 1936
Pg 12: Totems
The Night Hawk is the totem of our Sachem. The hawk was a  sacred bird of the Narragansett which they often tamed to chase away crows from the cornfield. It means our sachem gives a helping hand to all difficulties and troubles.
The pine tree is the totem of the medicine man. It means he is a balm in sickness, a comfort  in trouble and a help in need.
The Owl’s Head is our business manager’s totem. He is wise and can see through darkness and confusion.
Eagle Eye is our prophet’s totem and means his eyes are into the clear blue as the eagle flies. His messages comes from above.
The Water fall is our keeper of records totem meaning records clear as the crystal waters and voice of the wild woods.
**The left wing of a red wing blackbird is the historians totem which means her mission is to wing a burning message to all ears which harken for the uplift of her race.
The for-get-me-not is the totem of little fairflower, the delicate flower withers with time but the fragrant lingers. Her little life is a flower in the Great Spirit‘s garden, may her character breathe sweet perfume to others.
The sun rays are totem of little Manake which means a life shooting up to Jesus and spreading warmth and joy.
The fire of two Hearths is the totem of Neesputton, or Martha’s Vineyard reporter. This means she knows the joys of both the white race and the Indian.
The Lone Wolf marks our fir builders. He travels alone with nature as his companion.
The deer foot is the totem of Ellison Brown, the runner, meaning he is ever swift of foot and graceful in his stride as the wild deer.
The rolling mist is Wahana’s symbol,  for she is looking always to know her God’s children better. God has promised we shall know each other better when the mist has rolled away.
And each has a individual symbol which if they do not live up to will rob them of their name.


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