I believe Checkachoggin & Shoakecum are Father & Son instead of one person

Lots going on in my research – Earlier I found that Cockenoe and Checkachoggin were 2 different people – and now I believe so is Checkachoggin &  Shoakecum and made them that way in my files – with the new info I have been uncovering it is all starting to come together (I have Checkachoggin as father to Shoakecum whom I believe is Great James Chagum’s Father) reason being is the dates and such – Checkachoggin was not a slave to Richard Calicott but I do believe Shoakecum was – Shoakecum and Cockenoe were close and lived close together once they returned back to Long Island – Both were in Dorchester MA around the same times – could of possibly be how they made it back to the Island – together~ It is making better sense to me this way – I have been working on merging several people also – so many are connecting finally – blanks being filled daily~ Will be a updated version soon – will do it after my trip~

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