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The Chief Chagum’s Unexpected Union: A Tale of Intercultural Love in Colonial Times – By: Coni Dubois

About: Chief Chagum’s Unexpected Union is a unique story of love and intercultural understanding in colonial times. The story tells a tale of a Chief set in the Farmington, Connecticut area.

Chief Chagum, a rugged and stoic leader of a small mountain village, has lived a life led by tradition and duty since he was a child. So when the English come to set up an outpost near the village, the two cultures must learn to coexist.

The story follows the romance between Chief Chagum and an English woman, Molly. Their love story strikes a chord with readers as it challenges cultural boundaries and demonstrates that love has no boundaries. As Molly and Chagum discover what it means to truly be in love, the two open their hearts and minds to one another, eventually leading to Molly and Chagum marrying.

The story Uniting of Chief Chagum and Molly is a powerful reminder that intercultural understanding is possible despite the tensions of the colonial backdrop. The novel paints an alluring picture of how two different cultures can come together in love and understanding and offers a refreshing look at what is possible in a divided world.

The message of intercultural harmony found in The Chief’s Unexpected Union is perhaps more relevant now than ever before in today’s world. It is a beautiful reminder of how important it is for all of us to recognize the potential beauty in our differences and to strive for a deeper understanding of one another.

The Chief Chagum’s Unexpected Union: A Tale of Intercultural Love in Colonial Times

Written by: Coni Dubois

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a great chief by the name of Chagum. He was beloved by his people and led them with wisdom and fairness.

Chief Chagum and his people were content to live in harmony with one another and the natural world around them. Everyone had an important role to play in the community and life was good.

One day, however, when Chief Chagum and his people were out gathering food in the forest, they were suddenly confronted by a group of strangers.

These strangers had come from far away – a land called England.

They had long wooden ships, cannons, and strange clothing – nothing like anything the Native Americans had ever seen before. 

The settlers brought with them new ideas, technologies, and systems that were unfamiliar to the people of Chagum’s land.

At first, the Native Americans were scared, but Chief Chagum realized that he must be brave and show no fear.

He welcomed the strangers into his village and shared the stories of his people and their way of life.

The English settlers were amazed by what they saw.

The Colonial people decided to stay and build a settlement of their own based on the Native American traditions of the land.

The tribes taught the settlers how to hunt and fish, grow crops, and care for the land. Soon, they became a thriving community as both peoples shared the riches of the land and formed a lasting friendship.

One of the settlers, a young woman named Molly, was especially taken with Chagum. Molly was enchanted by Chagum’s strength, courage, and kindheartedness, and she soon fell in love with him.

Chagum felt the same way and decided to ask Molly to be his wife. To his surprise, Molly accepted! Soon, the two were wed.

Though many of the people of Chagum’s land disapproved of the union, Chagum and Molly were determined to make it work.

Through hard work and dedication, they were able to bridge the gap between their two cultures, finding common ground and creating a better future for both of their peoples.

The legacy of Chief Chagum and the native people will never be forgotten. The story of the native peoples and the settlers remained strong. No matter where you go in the town, you can still feel the spirit of these two cultures come alive in the streets.

They will always be remembered as the people who welcomed strangers from across the sea and began a new chapter in the history of Farmington, Connecticut & the legacy of Chagum and Molly also lives on, a reminder of the power of love and acceptance.

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2 Newspaper Articles on Barkhamsted “Light-House” – 1855 & 1868

Found some amazing articles today and HAD to share them! 1st one is 1st hand account of speaking with the Lighthouse descendants, 2nd one is how they were politically involved and the importance of their votes!

Litchfield enquirer. [volume], July 05, 1855, Image 1

1st column

Litchfield enquirer. [volume], May 21, 1868, Image 1

Last column
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I am excited to welcome Ken Feder as one of our new Authors!

Please help me welcome Ken Feder (Kenneth L. “Kenny” Feder), a professor of archaeology at Central Connecticut State University and author of several books on archaeology and criticism of pseudoarchaeology such as Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology. His book Encyclopedia of Dubious Archaeology: From Atlantis to the Walam Olum was published in 2010. His book Ancient America: Fifty Archaeological Sites to See for Yourself was published in 2017. He is the founder and director of the Farmington River Archaeological Project and is the main Archaeologist of our Barkhamsted Lighthouse site!

I am so excited to have him on board and can’t wait to see what he publishes for us!

I will be becoming more active on this blog myself and have tons of exciting things coming souon!


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“Ever Widening Circle” Research by Coni Dubois is NOW officially open 😁

Disclaimer: This research business provides consulting services to people who desire to obtain data about specific Ancestors/genealogy lines. The research consultant (Coni Dubois) gathers information from credible sources and provides an analysis of her findings & also interpret the information for clients.

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ARE YOU a Barkhamsted Lighthouse Descendant?

I have a big surprise for everyone…

Click one of these links below to see if you are in my research and a descendant?

I got curious about the extent of my research as a whole and decided to create a book with all the direct descendants of James & Molly Chagum of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village. Every living & deceased person in this bloodline.

It is HUGE! Honestly didn’t believe my software could handle it, BUT it did! 😌

Ended up with 2354 families and a 3,321-page research book! All generations/descendant’s I have added/found on offsprings of Chief James & Molly Chagum of Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village.

I am sharing 2 parts (Index of Names and Index of Places) of this research book for everyone – It is free to view and you will be able to see if you are actually a descendant, this also includes all that was married into the lines and the whole of my work~

Page numbers = pages you are in for my research book on this line. (3,321 pages total) KEEP in mind some of you come into these lines twice… So mentioned in both areas in book on different ancestors. Red & pink dot’s show a true descendant.

Search here to find your name – females are listed as maiden names.

Index of Individuals in the whole file of descendants

Index of Places Descendants have been/at/lived

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What family means to me…

My love for my family is my whole being – every ounce of me… loves every ounce of each of you~

I can’t believe I will be 55 this year.
In short… my life has been a very hard one.
Being a strong-wheeled woman I have had to fight my whole life and in turn, I have some family members to this day who can’t stand me. But that’s ok~ They truly never got to know me, or tried to understand me. We all have those people in our lives…If only they would see…family is everything to me~

THIS post though is for my family & friends that chose to love and care for me, truly…thank you from the bottom of my ❤️ know I love you and will always be here for you – as you have been for me~

In all the bad that happened throughout my life, you all have stepped in to be there to hold me up and to push me forward~

I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life.

You have been my rock…my solid ground…my saving grace~ You are deeply loved by me~

Families have their fights, their sadness & their pain.
But it always has its joys, it’s happiness & it’s wonderful moments~ Family is tied by blood and love… and no matter what happens family should always surround those in need and protect those that need us~

I have spent my life searching for family… And have truly been blessed to find so many cousins and family in my life’s journey. You truly amaze me with all your support throughout my time on this earth. Your amazing love is shown to me daily – I am called, texted, emailed, messaged.. in some form, reminded daily at how many truly love me~

I am humbled by each of you~

PLEASE find forgiveness for those who are nillynallys in your life, move past the hatred and the fighting. We have lost so many family members…life is too short, and we need to find love for one another, and get pasted this separation of family. We truly need to bond together to face this unknown world we have ahead of us… I truly worry for our descendants at the world we are leaving them~

I have found my calling…I was meant to be my family Historian/Researcher/Genealogist. I feel I must record all I can on our ancestors….before it is lost~

This is my purpose in life~

It is my legacy… bound by my love for family~
I will be doing it till the day I die~

Coni Dubois

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Update on what I have been working on…

I am in so many directions & projects right now 👀

I am at the moment going through my files and fixing missing photos from all my merges & updates I have done over the years. Not many – a 100 or so needing to be fixed.

I am also rearranging photos of individuals I am working on in their photo albums, trying to make them match on their timelines. Looks better and not so jumbled up in my research books. 😁

I am currently in 3 lines:

Allen’s, Gilberts and Barkhamsted Lighthouse.

Past few months have been cleaning up my files and rearranging them.

I will be coming out with newer versions in a few months 😉