Israel Parshall’s cabin that he built in 1787


Israel Parshall's cabin that he built in 1787!

Israel Parshall’s cabin that he built in 1787!

I got this in a email yesterday from  Sheryl Robinson

a MUST share to Israel Parshall’s Descendants (which I am)

Look What I Just Found!!!!!
This morning my friend and I stopped at a restaurant in Wellsburg, NY, across the river from my cemetery and had breakfast.
On the wall were a group of old photos of historical significance to the area and the last one I spotted was a photo of Israel Parshall’s cabin that he built in 1787!!!!!
Thought you would like a photo of the photo. Notice the three men standing in front of the cabin and a little boy hanging out the window. Snell Road is just down the road a short distance from my cemetery.
Written in upper left hand corner: “Israel Parshall Sr. cabin was on the corner of Snell Road and Route 60.” Under the photo, built in 1787 in New Chemung, (an Indian settlement that was destroyed during the Sullivan and Clinton Expedition)
Upper right hand corner: is a photo of his headstone in our Riverside Cemetery in Lowman.

I have updated all my research books

I’ve updated my list of people in my files and 18 research book – Will be creating a few more over the weekend~
All can be found in Coni’s Research Books – Click here to view
All updated 4/8/14 – Look for Research books:
1. Barber Line – Oldest Ancestor: Thomas Barber 259 pgs ( 5.31 MB)
2. Wnwanda Native American genealogy – 399 pgs (10.1 MB)
Includes lines: Mongotucksee & Sowheag & Narragansett Lines
3. Na-Ges-Sis genealogy – 123 pgs (3.57 MB) New
4. George Gardiner genealogy – 140 pgs (4.6 MB) New
5. Tashtussuck Native American genealogy – 225 pgs (5.81 MB)
6. Oldest Ancestor: Kakapeteyno – 468 pgs (11 MB)
(Canarsee along with Massapequa & Montauk genealogy)
7. Massapequa & Montauk genealogy
Oldest Ancestor: Father of Mechoswodt – 437 pgs (10.2 MB)
8. Father of Mechoswodt Native American genealogy – 437 pgs (10.2 MB)
Massapequa & Montauk genealogy – Main Research Book
9. Tama-Quawshad Native American genealogy – 89 pgs (3.17 MB)
Includes lines: Uncas & Sassacus
10. Elder Ninegret Native American genealogy – 85 pgs (3.07 MB)
11. Father Sachem Native American genealogy – 70 pgs (2.74 MB) New
12. New Moon Nanapashemet Native American genealogy – 39 pgs (2.27 MB)
13. Weesoemequn-Yellowfeather Native American genealogy – 83 pgs (3.28 MB) Includes lines: Ousamequin – Massasoit
I’ve also created new research books on my Maternal lineage:
Coni’s Maternal Lines
1. Gilbert Genealogy New
Oldest Ancestor: Joseph Gilbert 172 pgs ( 4.43 MB)
2. Tarant Genealogy New
Oldest Ancestor: Frank Tarant 54 pgs ( 2.50 MB)
3. Nickerson Genealogy New
Oldest Ancestor: James Alexander Nickerson 74 pgs ( 2.81 MB)
4. Coffman/Pratt/Scheetz Genealogy (My main Maternal line) New
Oldest Ancestor: Daniel Coffman 83 pgs ( 2.93 MB)
5. Furrer/Furrow Genealogy New
Oldest Ancestor: Johannes Jacob Furrer 47 pgs ( 2.37 MB)