Barkhamsted Historical Society – 2011 Lecture Series

Barkhamsted Historical Society – 2011 Lecture Series
7:00 pm, Barkhamsted Senior Center

Feb. 11, The Wild and Scenic Farmington, with Liz Lacy, Farmington River Coordinating Committee

Mar 11, Westering Home, traditional music of Scotland and Ireland, Laura Mazza-Dixon, Mattie Banzhaf, Linne Landgraf

April 8, Center Hill History, with Paul Hart

May 13, Carpentry with Old-time Tools, with Mike Day

No admission is charged for these events, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Planning a Genealogy Trip for June 20th – Middle of July~

Block Island Historical Society is planning a Event to honor the Native American‘s from Block Island – I know that date so far is set for June 26th on the Island – and then I’m planning a trip to Long Island for some sightseeing and then we are gonna head to Barkhamsted Ct. to camp for a few days – As things progress and plans are made I will post them here – just giving heads up to anyone that would like to join us on this trip!

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Working on a Book Shelf for this blog

I’ve been steadily adding a book shelf of key books in my research – I’m new at this so still learning the ropes – have made about 4 and for some reason I can’t get them to let me add on – As you go into the book shelf you will find the name of the book and where to find it online (some books takes you straight to the download of the book keep in mind some of these downloads are several MB and if on slow internet will take forever to download) I just received several books for some research I’m doing on the Long Island Native Americans (believe strong ties to Chagam lineage) I believe I’ve read so much that it caused me a headache so been taking a break for computer (except Facebook – love my Facebook) and researching – but love doing it and can’t stay away for too long~

As the New Year rolls in~

I look back at all I did this year and I’ve realized I’ve gained a lot of new family members and connected to several long-lost relatives thru my genealogy research this year – It was an amazing year for me in my research – (See Genealogy Trip Notes) I was able to travel to New York and walk the lands & burial grounds of Reuben & Hannah (Chagam) Barber (See my Photo’s) , I was able to visit Barkhamsted Connecticut and meet/listen to Kenny Feder (See video’s ) and walk the lands & burial grounds of James and Molly (Barber) Chagam and the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village , I was able to go to Massachusetts and see the place/attractions of the Salem Witch Trials and Plymouth Rock and Mayflower,  I visited Block Island and drove a moped all over the Island (See my Photo’s)- Seen most of the attractions and lands of my Ancestor’s while there – I started working with 3 Archaeologist, several Historical Societies, Historians, Authors and other researchers this year – It has been a very productive year for my research and I – Can’t wait to see what the next year holds – I know that I have a lot of exciting things happening this year – we are planning another trip to Block Island some time around end of June – will post future dates when I get them~ I’m also planning a trip to Long Island – going around the same time end of June~ Looking forward to the New Year~

Using Social Networks for research~

Facebook has become one of my #1 genealogy tools – As I find family member’s I add all the photo’s and info to their files on my genealogy software ( I use Ancestry’s Family Tree Maker 2011 – One of the main things I recommend is have a Genealogy Software on your computer (many free ones online) reason for this is that online is just that online – having the documents and info on your computer gives you more control over what you’re researching and benefits of having an actual copy or document of your Ancestors.)  The minute I connect to family on Facebook – I update all I can for them (births, marriages, deaths and such) I then add their children to my friends list (if they are on Facebook) – As special event’s happens I post it to their profiles on my FTM 2011 – I’ve been doing this thru the years (didn’t have Facebook back then but used other social groups, emails, things sent, etc) this has helped me add many details to family members and I’m able to share old photo’s I’ve collected for others  (had someone who had a fire and lost everything I was able to give back some memories for her ) All and all Facebook has been my #1 family connection – I’ve tried most of the others but I like that I can truly control who see’s what and when – I love that even thou I’m thousands of miles from many of my family member’s I still can “visit” with them on a daily basis if I want -I love being in contact with my kin and facebook has helped me also with – not being so homesick  (I’m from Indiana & live in Louisiana)

We are a family that loves to play games and Facebook has become our main gaming area also!

Being one of the main genealogist of my line I’m able to make & post events that I host (family reunions and such) on facebook also – on top of making groups for family lines – it is helping me keep everything and everyone in one spot and being from a HUGE family that is truly hard to do lol~

I’m starting at the basic’s with you – and giving you the tools I used – to start your genealogy research~

Sometimes you have to take a break~

Doing research can become an obsession – You get onto something and you just can’t stop til you “find” that one thing~

I’ve found when I’ve got stuck on something – or something just wasn’t coming together – I’d move on to another family for a few days to give myself a break from the problem and when I always come back to it – I’ve figure it out or found what I was looking for~

You also have to give yourself a break from researching – Mine is when my husband comes home from Offshore (Electrician for Oil Company) He works 14 days offshore and is home 14 days – so those days home I give myself a break from doing any researching to give my fingers and my eyes a rest~

A Milestone for me~

Today I’m not writing about research – this is personal~

Today my youngest daughter finished High School –  3 daughters – they all graduated – All grown up~

I sit at this computer for the 1st time in my life wondering – what now?

As Bobbie (my youngest) heads out into this big world and starts her life, what’s next for me?

This is a milestone for me – 18 years ago I became a single Mother with no help from the Father – Bobbie wasn’t but 2 weeks old when I left all I knew – My husband, My state, but most importantly my family – Long story shortened: I was married to an alcoholic whom had mental problems to boot and I was in fear of my life and that of my children so I left all I knew at the age of 25 with a 3 yr old, 1 yr old and a 2 week old…I knew I was gonna have to raise them alone…. And I did~

So today when I woke up I realized even thou the journey has been tough it was worth it to see her walk in the door on her last day of High School with a 3.85 GPA her whole life and high honors and a BIG SMILE on her face! I’m saddened that my baby girl is leaving and moving on with her life as it did for my other 2 daughters but I believe I’ve raised them to be independent & strong women and I know that no matter what happens in their lives they will succeed in all they do no matter the obstacles ahead~

Now what am I gonna do with myself?

This is the 1st time in my life that I’ve not had to worry about anyone but myself so with that said I’m excited for what lays ahead for me – can’t wait to see what new doors open and what things I can explore~

Christmas Past

Today I sit at this computer and I think about the holiday’s approaching –

I was raised in Indiana in a small community in the country by a HUGE family –

We all knew each other, it was safe to leave the doors unlocked, neighbors stopped by to see if you need anything in town…

Today I live in Louisiana – along ways away from that small town… I miss those Thanksgiving dinners & Christmas Eve parties, I miss the huge family and many cousins…but most of all I miss the love that was shown by my Elders, the gentle words of wisdom and the loving hand they always extended to me… I would sit with them for hours and listen about stories of Christmas past for them…

These holidays are about family and gathering together to enjoy each other to share in the love.

Remember to spend the extra time this holiday season with your Elder’s – listen to their stories – I take a recorder with me and record all I can of the events – be it voice recording, video or photo’s then I take those moments and add them to each person in the event to my files – many a time I have gone back to those cherished moments to “visit” with those lost~

Moving forward

I’m gonna jump ahead to my 7th Great Grandfather James Chagam &  the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village in Barkhamsted Connecticut. This is where my story will begin for you – I have complete documentation for every generation starting with my Grandchild to Chagam’s in the 1637 Tribal Member’s list of Major Mason and the Pequot War but will start here for the time being~

This is where my research got crazy – After working my way back in time and several years later I come to Barkhamsted Connecticut and the “Lighthouse Native American Tribe” – I’m gonna share a little of my research with you for them in the next few blogs so you can read the beautiful story of James Chagam and Molly Barber –

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