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Coni Dubois

PO Box 1089
Gray, LA 70359


The information within this work came from various historical books, vital records, genealogy websites and family members, all have been sourced and credited. I do not have the sources of their information, and cannot guarantee their accuracy.

As the administrator of this work and the information compiled within, I ask that no editing or coping be made without the expressed consent of me or my immediate heirs.

I have excluded dates of birth for any living persons for privacy reasons.

Throughout this document, I have added my personal notes and thoughts!

Coni Dubois

Date: 2000-2020

4 thoughts on “Contact Coni

  1. Coni, I’m sure you may have come across them, but I don’t see any reference on your booklist. There were 2 Doty’s who wrote New York, particularly Livingston County Histories Edward L. and Lockwood L. Doty


  2. Hi Coni,

    Sorry I’ve been out of touch for so long! I know you have me your family tree a year or so ago when you helped me organize mine of Family Tree Maker; however, due to some serious computer problems a while back, I lost your tree. I need to confirm that our most recent connection is through your Caroline Gendron whose younger sister was Helena Gendron (children of Sophie and Raphael Gendron). Helena is my gg grandmother. Is this our most recent connection? If so, I’m wondering why we’re not showing up on Ancestry as matches? What is your name so I can tell if I’m matching with you?

    Cousin Barb Nolan (nee Turnbull)


  3. Coni am doing my DNA also through but mine is on my moms father Joseph Nalette. Will let you know the results ok.


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