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Note from Coni:

All DNA below I have permission to share/or I am proxy of DNA  

My Father
My Father: Rex Allen 1949-201

1. Rex Allen Sr. DNA Result (Coni’s Father)
Completed: 01/27/2009 Barcode: A10186646
DNA Test done by: – Paternal Test (Y-46) 
DiscontinuedNo longer available on
Haplogroup: R1b (yDNA)Click Here

Notes: Spread of Haplogroup R in Indigenous populations.Haplogroup R1 (Y-DNA) (specially R1b) is the second most predominant Y haplotype found among indigenous Amerindians after Q (Y-DNA).  The distribution of R1 is believed to be associated with the re-settlement of Eurasia following the last glacial maximum. One theory put forth is that it entered the Americas with the initial founding population.  A second theory is that it was introduced during European colonization. R1 is very common throughout all of Eurasia except East Asia and Southeast Asia. R1 (M137) is found predominantly in North American groups: Like the Ojibwe (79%), Chipewyan (62%), Seminole (50%), Cherokee (47%), Dogrib (40%) and Papago (38%). Click here to read fully

DNARexAllen1949-2010 1


10644957_10152775736964522_6063433891368726901_n2. Coni (Allen) Dubois DNA Results (ME)
  1. Family Tree DNA - Kit#: 271145/Full mtDNA 
    Haplogroup: I1a1b (mtDNA): Click here 
  2. 23andMe: View report below - 6 pgs
  3. Click here to view results 

Haplogroup I is a fairly rare matrilinear lineage, being found in average in 2% of Europeans and under 1% of Near Easterners. Slightly more elevated concentrations are found in Daghestan, notably among the Dargins (6.5%), Chechens (6%) and Kumyks (5.5%), as well as in isolated parts of Europe such as Mordovia (6%), Latvia (4.5%), Lithuania (3%), Finland (4%), Brittany (3%), Great Britain (4%), Ireland (3%) and Iceland (4%), but also Serbia (3.5%), Croatia (3%), Bosnia-Herzegovina (3%) and parts of Italy. Haplogroup I is absent from Lapland, the Basque country and the Maghreb, three regions that share high levels of mt-haplogroups U5 and HV0/V. Indo-European migrations: It is during the Late Copper Age and Early Bronze Age that haplogroup I start cropping up regularly in European remains, first in the Corded Ware culture (2.5% of all samples), associated with the expansion of Y-haplogroup R1a, but especially with the Unetice culture (13% of all samples), linked with the arrival of R1b people around modern Germany, Czechia and western Poland. Whereas N1a was found essentially among Near Eastern Neolithic farmers, haplogroup I displays a strong connection with the Indo-European migrations. The higher frequency of I in the North Caucasus today also alludes to a link with the Maykop culture, the world’s first militaristic Bronze Age culture, which was intricately connected with the Yamna culture of the Pontic Steppe (see R1b history). Wilde et al. (2014) tested mtDNA samples from the Yamna culture, the presumed homeland of Proto-Indo-European speakers, and the subsequent Catacomb culture, and identified I1 samples in both cultures. Lineages found among the Unetice culture belonged to the I1, I1a1 and I3a subclades, I1a1 being the most prevalent among them. The oldest known R1b1b2 sample from the Unetice culture is an individual from the late Corded Ware or pre-Unetice culture (2600–2500 BCE) in eastern Germany who happened to belong to mt-haplogroup I1a1. Haplogroup I was also found in Scythian remains in Siberia (I4 subclade, Keyser et al. 2009) and in southern Russia (I3 subclade, Der Sarkissian et al. 2011).  Info taken from webpage:



Coni Dubois - Ancestral Origins

DNA Projects Coni Dubois Matches & a Member of thru Family Tree DNA



American Indian Proj


I Haplogroup mtDNA

Ireland mtDNA

Waccamaw Indian trib


Rehoboth MA



Middletown Settlers

Maryland DNA Project



Germanna DNA Project




Your Scottish Ancestry



Celtic Traveller

All BMGriffith’s ancestors

Lucas & Cummins DNA

Australian Convicts

Black Potomac Valley

Australian Settlers

Black Belt of Alabam

Boston Irish DNA

British Nobles Barons Gentry



Cape Dutch / Kaaps-H

Fairfield Co, SC



Chelsea ,Ma.



Hebrew DNA Research

Kent/Clifford Cousin

Italy DNA Project


Lost Colony Family



Chilton County Area








Landrum DNA Project

Maine Genealogical

Moore County, NC

McIntyre Thompson Branches



R1b-Three Kingdoms W

Eoganacht Septs

Romanimanush Scandin


Tattersall Surname DNA Project

Thompson’s of Fairfax County



G-PF3147 Y-DNA


England GB Groups eij (Norman)

I-L161 (Isles)

Ards Peninsula


Robinsons of the Nor

Old Newberry Distric

Normanites Project

11-30-17: Coni Dubois Family Match via Family Tree DNA 
 TO: Russ Allen (Uncle) - Kenny Gilbert (1/2 Sibling) - Tanna Chesser (2nd Cousin)

Coni Dubois family match to Russ Allen - Kenny Gilbert - Tanna Chesser 12-1-17

12-1-17 - Coni Dubois Chromosome Match via Family Tree DNA
TO: Russ Allen - Kenny Gilbert - Tanna Chesser

Coni Dubois Chromosome match to Russ Allen - Kenny Gilbert - Tanna Chesser 12-1-17

23andMe DNA & Wellness Results for Coni Dubois


23032861_10155819672854522_8561932234509600_n (2)3. Kenny Gilbert Jr. (1/2 Brother to Coni Dubois)
(Different Mother’s) 
11/30/17 – Note: Just adding – will be setting up~
DNA test done by: Family Tree DNA  Kit #: 780843



Picture00024. Russ Allen's DNA Results 
(Brother of Rex, Bonnie & Barbara) 
DNA test done by: Family Tree DNA Kit #: 366700 
Haplogroup: R-ZZ10_1 
Haplogroup R-P312 is the descendant of the major R-P25 
(aka R-M343) lineage and is the most common in Central 
Europe, Spain, France, Portugal, and the British Isles.


DNA Projects Russ Allen Matches & a Member of thru Family Tree DNA




AmerIndian Ancestry

R _R1b ALL Subclades


R L21 and Subclades

Chegau Mi’kmaq Family

R P312 and Subclades







Normandy Y-DNA

Nordic Ironworks

New Paltz Patentee


Iowa DNA



Dubois Belgium 

62268_1516466386317_1074207602_31509342_3382545_n (2)5. Bonnie (Allen) Lee's DNA Results  
(Sister of Rex, Russ & Barbara) 
DNA test done by:   
Haplogroup: H (mtDNA): Click Here
Certificate: Click Here

Bonnie Lees DNA

Explanation of Bonnie (Allen) Lee’s DNA Result: Click Here 

Notes: Haplogroup H is a descendant of haplogroup HV.

The Cambridge Reference Sequence (CRS), the human mitochondrial sequence to which all other sequences are compared, belongs to haplogroup H2a2a. Several independent studies conclude that haplogroup H probably evolved in West Asia c. 30,000 years ago. It was carried to Europe by migrations c. 20-25,000 years ago, and spread with population of the southwest of the continent.[3][4] Its arrival was roughly contemporary with the rise of the Gravettian culture…. read more 


12295522_10153737119429410_6382972452881756319_n (2)6. Tanna Chesser DNA Results  
(Granddaughter to Barbara (Allen) McAlpine who was the 
Sister to Rex, Russ & Bonnie) 
Note: 11/17/17 - Just adding - will be setting up~ 
11-30-17: Tanna Chesser Family Match via Family Tree DNA 
TO: Russ Allen - Coni Dubois - Kenny Gilbert 

Tanna Family Match on FamilyTreeDNA



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