Coni’s Research Team

Have many links of websites/organizations/Tribe’s/Historical Society’s/Authors/Professors and such I work with in my research (on right side bar on this blog) that have been a major help in my work also~
Blog Creator/Owner/Author:
Coni Dubois : Main Researcher/Genealogist/Chagum Descendant/Reuben & Hannah Barber
Veronica Hawkins: Chagum Descendant/Reuben & Hannah Barber/Coni’s Cousin & Asst
Blog Author: Susan Shepard (more info coming)
Blog Author: Tanna Chesser: Chagum Descendant/Reuben & Hannah Barber/Coni’s 2nd Cousin & Asst
Blog Author: Sherry Lynn Carsten – Chagum Descendant/ William & Polly Mary (Chagum) Wilson
Cheryl (Sheri) Church: Short/Porter lines
1st wife George Allen and Lydia Sutliff – Sheri’s line
2nd Wife: Ada Barber of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Tribe – My Line
Pauline (Polly) & Jim Goodwin: Chagum Descendant/Reuben & Hannah Barber/ Short line
Notes from Polly: My links are through William and Mary Clark Barber, Theodore and Clarinda etc., my grandmother is William and Mary’s daughter.  Also, George W. Short and Julia Keeney/Kinney, daughter Charlotte Short on my Grandfather George W. Krueger’s side – Charlotte’s first marriage was to John Krueger in 1895.  George W. Short and Julia raised George Krueger (quager, craiger) and he is listed at 10 years in the census with them as grandson.
Roxanne McComb Wehnes ( : Roxanne is a direct descendant of Reuben Barber and Hannah Sands Chagum.  Her lineage is through Theodore James Barber and Clarinda Short to  William Henry Barber and Marietta Clark (her Great Grandparents).  Her Grandfather Ervin was their nineth child, he married Myrtle Jones and had eleven  children. Her mother Joan was their eighth child and youngest daughter.
Note from Roxanne: My love of genealogy started with going to the Barber homestead in South Branch, Michigan as a child and visiting the graves of William and Marietta with my Grandfather.  Growing up I spent many hours  listening to my Grandparents tell us the stories of their families. 
Standing Bear (Chris) Jackson: Cornstalks, Adkins & Powhatan
Terry (Doughty) Allen: (nickname: TLee & Tracy) Doughty & Allen lines
Cheryl Valenti – Chagum Descendant/ William & Polly Mary (Chagum) Wilson
Darlene Morse: Chagum Descendant/William & Polly Mary (Chagum) Wilson /Ellwell /Northrup
Christy (Woletz) Howell: Connected thru the Barber/Thayer/Short lines
Linda Sturgill: Northrup lines
Naomi Carolyn: Chagum Descendant/Noka/NoCakes/Hazard/Rodman/Sands
Pat (Rodman) Morey: Chagum Descendant/Noka/NoCakes/Hazard/Rodman/Sands
Laura McAdams: Griffith/Courtright lineages
General Researchers – will help on any lines
Flo Legge: Malbone/Slocum/Corey – Helps on all lines she can for me~
Hollie Marie Anderson – Chagum Descendant/Reuben & Hannah Barber/Coni’s 2nd Cousin

I want to give a big thank you to Pat Stone, Mary Ann Malecki, Bill Brackett, Will Ottery for sharing all their work with me – along with Laurie Finerty “The Cemetery Lady” for helping me with tombstones/burials in Michigan~

I have to send a HUGE thank you out to my Aunt Bonnie (Allen) Lee, My Uncle Pat’s wife – Aunt Pam Allen , My cousin’s wife – Kim Cole and my cousin – Penny (Ash/Bliss) Carney for helping me with the 1st few generations – they had many documents, photos/tombstone and records they contributed to me – truly couldn’t have gotten this far with out their constant help and support~

Note from Coni: I will be working on this board~

This blog  was created by Coni Dubois on 2010
all rights reserved
This blog may be freely linked but not copied


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