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1 Barkhamsted Heritage – Culture and Industry in A Rural Connecticut Town – by Richard Wheeler & George Hilton  & Barkhamsted Historical Society Book Order On line
A Village of Outcasts – Lighthouse site, CT –  By: Kenneth L. Feder -Explores the archaeology of the Barkhamsted Tribe. Book On line
3 History of Barkhamsted Lighthouse – Diary of Jesse Ives – Obituary William Wilson – John Ives and his son, also named John moved to Barkhamsted from North Haven, Connecticut in 1772 (Lee 1881:39) Jesse (1781-1861) was the son of the young John Ives (Hart 1883) Jesse Ives became a prominent citizen of Riverton, serving as postmaster from 1827-1835. Ives became the first proprietor of the Ives Hotel, which still stands as the Riverton Inn and continues to operate as a country inn some 180 years – less then 2 miles from the Lighthouse Site. In Lee’s book he states that” he copied almost verbatim from the journal which was kept by Jess Ives, wherein he kept whatever he deemed worth of being recorded” (Lee 1881:39) – He was born too late to have witnessed first handed the establishment and the early years of the village – Edmund Smiley (Short History of Riverton) borrowed the only existing copy of Jesse Ives Journal to use in his research (Douglas Roberts, 1990, Personal communication) The journal has not been seen since- close to 60 years Smiley died before returning the journal – possible among the books divided among his heirs and possible destroyed {Kenneth Feder – A Village of Outcast} Diary Disappeared
4 The Collected Writings of Samson Occum, Mohegan – by Samson Occum Edited by Joanna Brooks – James Chagum is mention in Samson’s Diary  on Dates: July 13, & Sept 28th 1774


Volume 1

Connecticut History by Kenny Feder  – Special Issue: Historical Archeology in Connecticut -The Historical Archeology of the Legendary Lighthouse Community by Kenneth L Feder – Encountering the Lighthouse – Digging in the Documents, Digging in the Dirt. Booklet

Volume 46

Number 2

Fall 2007

5 Sesqui-Centennial of Barkhamsted, Conn. 1779-1929 by Orville H. Ripley


6 Historical address at the dedication of the Soldiers’ monument in Barkhamsted, September 10, 1897 (1899)- by William Wallace Lee


On line

7 Connecticut Walk Book – By The Connecticut Forest and Park Association. The original edition covered 500 miles of blue-blazed trails in Connecticut. There have been numerous up-dated editions and supplements, as well as a companion volume called Connecticut Outdoor Recreation Guide. (The most recent edition of the latter is that of 1976.) This work describes sites and facilities of state forests, parks, and other outdoor recreational and cultural centers. Another in the genre of tour guides is Gerry and Sue Hardy, Fifty Hikes in Connecticut: A Guide to Short Walks and Day Hikes Around the Nutmeg State (Somersworth, N.H.: The New Hampshire Publishing Company, 1978). It consists of 152 pages, including a bibliography.



no. 36


8 Legendary Connecticut – Traditional Tales from the Nutmeg State by David E Philips


9 A Short History of Riverton, Connecticut by Edmund L. Smiley, M.A (Boston University)


10 Minutes of the Executive Council of the Province of New York” (1660′s) – there are several different downloads for this book (different editions) linked to list of downloads~ Book On line
11 Early Long Island: A Colonial Study (1896)         By: Martha Bockée Flint Book On line
12 Centennial Celebration Poem           By: Emma Carter Lee Booklet On line
13 Barkhamsted, Connecticut and its Centennial, 1879 By: William Wallace Lee Book On line
14 Indian Place Names on Long Island  By: William Wallace Tooker  Book  Online
 15  History of Block Island by Rev. Samuel Truesdale Livermore  Book  Online
 16  Barkhamsted Lighthouse Archaeological Preserve – The 24-page booklet, Barkhamsted Lighthouse, by Dr. Ken Feder, tells the story of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse community, and the archaeological research by Dr. Feder and his team.  Book  Online
 Lessons From The Past: Ancient Knowledge, Contemporary Issues Edited by Ken Feder (Note from Coni: I have a section in this book pgs 55-57)

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