Free viewing of my research book: James Chagum – Chief of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village is NOW available~

Coni Dubois - Book CoverI have put a free viewing for my research book online for everyone: James Chagum – Chief of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village, is now able to be viewed on any computer, cell or tablet~
This research book is 25+ years in th
e making and I am SUPER excited & proud of this final edition~
Thru the years I have printed out these research books, to fix and correct the errors and it has led to making of this!
I was seeing the story unfold as I hunted down our ancestors… page by page, person to person… I was uncovering a beautiful story… what was believed to be a myth… was real and I was a descendant of that story…. the Barkhamsted Light House People~

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This research book is dedicated to my Father…. May he rest in peace knowing…
“I found our Native American Roots” and I know in my heart I will continue doing genealogy til MY dying days…
Due to this being 598 pages and VERY extensive, I am SELF publishing this: For a printed version it will be $150.00 (Sponsorship – which includes a stylus pen/personal lineage IF a descendant & I will sign the book, along with a surprise 🙂 ) I am also putting out a digital version which will be $50.00 (best to just click this link – it is free to view online for anyone! It can’t be downloaded, edited or printed thou… printing will only be done by me~) All money received will go to help me do more research and take needed trips.
Please let me know what you think of this research book… This is actually the 1st one I feel is publishing quality.

This Research Book can also be found on tab above: Coni’s Research Books

In that tab look for:
Barkhamsted Lighthouse – Barkhamsted CT
NEW!! James Chagum – Chief of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village by Coni Dubois – Updated 8/1/17

Note: Printed version of this research book comes in 2 parts – DUE to so many pages had to put it into 2 parts, which I find is great because it gives me a reference book in my hands while looking at the main research book.



Update on my Fan Chart… ALMOST DONE!

After many months of working on my 7 Generation Fan Chart… I am almost done~

This is created as a tool for my research – will be used, folded, shown and carried around.

It is huge and at the time wrinkled – will fix all that once it is done~

I have included all facts I can to each person~

As you can see on the photo’s above: I have added: Birth, death, marriage, title, burial, children, census, military, occupation, all census I can find, Find A Grave, photos if any, obits if any, important facts abt each person, and then I came back in as you can see and color coordinated it all~ I’ve also included the Country of Origin if known and added all the states they were in and age of death along with cause of death if known – I am also in the process of adding all the tombstone photo’s to each person if I have them~ Once I am done with all of this I will be adding my photo’s of me in the center and facts abt me and such… then I believe I will be done~

The ALLEN DNA Patrilineage 2 Project

ALL ALLEN Descendants (ALL branches of Allen’s) John Robb has updated our DNA project with him – Look for: Ralph1 of Sandwich and Coni’s haplotype.

I had sent him my research on Allen’s (past couple of yrs) and now that he has had time to go thru it – he has a new write up on my DNA (Uncle Russ Allen) part of this project! Our DNA (both) are being proven…. Rare & Ancient!

1. My haplotype is: I1a1b 

2. Uncle Russ: is now R-ZZ10_1 

(His has been changed MANY TIMES) 

3. Aunt Bonnie (Veronica line) is: H

It seems to be I’ve picked up a lot of my Dad’s DNA (matching same projects as Uncle Russ) 

I personally am matching several tribes also – Mainly Lumbee, Wacamaw, Pique-Shanee, Tuscarora  (NY branch) & Hatteras tribes – Also Cumberland Gap tribes mainly believe Mother’s sides for Gap area.

My office is finally done!

For 2 years now I have been working on my office – finally done with it! Getting ready to go back to full time researching! 

Bought several pieces at local pawnshop – found a used baby changer for $30.00 and converted into table for my printer station for books/paperwork/scanning/printing. 

I AM SO HAPPY with final product! Now to get back to researching! Will be so much easier with setup! 

Total cost abt $1500.00 + 2 yrs in making & getting most on sale or used pieces picked up here & there~

“Ever Widening Circle” 6 Generation Fan Chart (Maternal/Paternal) for Coni Dubois

“Ever Widening Circle” Version 2 – it is 42 pages (+several hrs putting together) is a 6 Generations Fan Chart (Me + 6 back – 127 lines/people) only missing 8!

App used: Family Tree Maker = publisher part (fan chart/whole).

Had just a few glitches (see blue below) added birth/death/burial/Find A Grave #/age @ death to main boxes – for some reason thou software didn’t add military info (bummed had together before noticed…toooo late…. ain’t doin’ again!!)

All in all very satisfied with this version – now to add all my notes on it (military, kids, marriage and things of interest) – this will take me awhile to do!

Notice top left – they are blank – I am missing these 8 out of 127 lines/people! Which is the Tarant lineage (my Mom’s: Father side) out of Bohemia/Hungary

Starts with me in the middle! My MOM’S side is on top & my DAD’S side is on the bottom.

Able to color coordinate blue for male – pink for female – Very minor match up errors – took some time lining up – but all in all not bad!

My 3rd Great Grandparents: William Harrison “Henry” & Caroline M. (Trent) Pratt

L2R: (My 3x) William H. Pratt, Orville Nickerson, (3x) Caroline (Trent) Pratt 

Both photo’s in this post: was owned by Viola B. Nickerson-Scheetz and given to her daughter – Viola Mae Scheetz-Keck who then passed it on to her niece, Rhonda Yamauchi who donated them to (2nd cousin) Coni Dubois

My Maternal line: Me to Nancy L. Gilbert to Mildred M. Scheetz to Viola B. Nickerson


Coni Dubois direct Maternal Lineage

I will be working on my Pratt lineage for a bit – I am now believing we are possible the Pratt Indian lineage – As I have been going over my research… I realized I need to work on Pratt connection! I am crossing Pratt’s all over my work (Paternal & Maternal) and know that this is one line I need to focus on and figure out!

I have found a Henry Pratt of Greene Co. TN that is more then likely the connection He is known as being of Native American descent~

*See: Henry Pratt Family Of Greene County, Tennessee 2013 3rd Edition 

What I am in the process of reading now!

Info on book: Finally, after 28 years in the making, the authoritative study of Henry Pratt, son of a Cherokee Chief, married 1820 to Nancy (CARTER) a white woman, and Henry’s sister, Cynthia (PRATT), a Cherokee Princess, married 1825 to Abraham Absalom Blanton both in Greene Co., Tennessee has been completed.

Note from Coni: I am UNCERTAIN ?? at this moment what the connection is thou, BUT believe these lines ties together somehow!  Which to me make MUCH more sense… due to my (My 4xGG) Matilda Kaufman/Zachari Green Trent Grandparent’s  who are believed to be of Native American descent also.


Research done by Coni Dubois – I will be posting more on this lineages soon~

They (4x) have a Daughter (My 3xGG) named Caroline M Trent  who marries William Harrison Pratt AKA Henry(2) – What has me believing this connection to Henry(1) is that they (Trent’s, Pratt’s & Kaufman) are in the SAME locations throughout the Hancock/Greene Co. TN area’s! Henry(1) lines also marry into the Allen lines!

1836-tax-list Map Created by: Jim Jackson (Jim not only created the map, he created a single, combined list of names from the 1830 Census, 1840 Census, and 1836 Tax List for Hawkins County.)

Note from Coni: As you have seen in earlier post that my DNA is matching many of the tribes in these locations (CUMBERLAND GAP areas in TN)

So with this info below – I begin my research on my Pratt/Trent/Kauffman/Johnson/Cloud/Hargitt/Nickerson/Osborne/Cook Ancestors~

**Also see: DNA Projects I am in (Coni (Allen) Dubois) through Family Tree DNA


(my 2x) Nancy (Pratt) Nickerson & Mother (3x) Caroline (Trent) Pratt


Now – here is the documentation on ‘proof of name and of Mother‘ of William Pratt


William (Henry) Harrison Pratt Death Record

Indiana Deaths, 1882-1920 – Name: William “Henry” Harrison Pratt  
Date: 1 Jul 1917 Location: Miami Indiana Gender: Male Race: White
Source notes: The source of this record is the book H-1 on pg 29

MOTHER: POLLIE OSBORN (Mary E Osborne? wife of James Pratt)

Note from Coni: NEED OBIT on William Pratt

Caroline (Trent) Pratt Info


Marshall Co. Board of Health – Certificate of Death
Certificate #: 307 Book: Argos2 PG: 122 – 5/14/14 Plymouth, IN/Coni Dubois
Additional Info provided on Certificate:
Date of Birth: 6/12/1845 born in TN
Father’s Name: Zachari Trent born in TN
Mother’s Name: Matilda Kaufman born in TN
Informant: Mr. Jesse Tomlinson

The Weekly Republican – Plymouth Ind, Thurs 12 Nov 1919
Pg 5 Col 1Mrs. Caroline Tratt (Pratt)
Argos. Nov 6.The death of Mrs. Caroline Tratt occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jesse Tomlinson of this place. Wednesday ar 2:45. She was 54 years of age and leaves several children to mourn her departure. The body will be shipped Friday to Francisville, Ind., where funeral services will be conducted. Mrs. Pratt suffered a stroke of paralysis Saturday Nov. 1

The Argos Reflectors Thurs Nov 13, 1919 – Pg 1 Col 1: Mrs. Caroline Pratt
Caroline, the daughter of Zachariah and Matilda Trent, was born June the twelfth, eighteen hundred and forty-five, in Hancock County, Tennessee. Her demise occurred November fifth, nineteen hundred and nineteen, following a few days of acute illness. In the year of 1865 she was united in the relationships of holy marriage with Mr. W. M. Pratt, with whom the remainder of her life, up til his death on July 1st, 1917, was one long happy and harmonious experience. To this union God in his providence has entrusted the choice blessing of ten children, seven of whom are living and have now to substain the loss of not only Father but Mother also. The living children are: Richard Pratt of Hammond, Indiana, Levi Pratt of Miami, Ind., Charles Pratt of Plymouth Ind., Dan Pratt of Hoyt, Colorado, and Ivan Pratt of Hoyt, Colorado, and two daughters, Mrs. Christina Johnson of Slbley, Illinois, and Mrs. Julia Tomlinson of Argos, Ind. The other three children, Thomas, Mavilla and Nanna, have gone on and wait the coming of the family into the life beyond this. Besides these immediate children there are twenty-nine grand children are living, and six grand children dead; there are also four great grand children.
In the young womanhood of Mrs. Pratt she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and made her confession of faith in God before the world. Throughout the remaining years until her death at the age of 74 years, 4 months and 23 days she has remained true to her confession and faith. Her present membership being with the Church of Christ at Francisville, Indiana, where the funeral proper and the interment was held Saturday at 11:30 o’clock, A.M.
Mrs. Pratt together with her husband were devout followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and throughout their lives they have experienced that the various stress and storm and vicissitudes of experience are substained successfully by Him. Behind them is left their influences upon the trust God gave them in their large family until today ever child in their family has made his or her confession of faith in God and accepted the Christ as Lord in their life. This is argument sufficient to fix in the minds of men that the love and example of Christian parents pays.
Since the death of her husband Mrs. Pratt has made her home largely with her daughter Mrs. Julia Tomlinson, where her demise occured as above stated. November 5th 1919.
Thus has closed the earthly career of a loving mother, a faithful Christian, a devoted wife and a worthy citizen, against whom their is naught to mar.

We came to see our mother,
Expecting to meet her at the gate,
But alas, her smiling face we did
Not see, We were too late.
The angels had carried her
Where we hope to meet her by and by.
To the realms on high,
God has taken her with his own free will,
Where all is calm and peaceful and still.
She was the dearest friend we ever knew,
She was always kind and peaceful and true.
Had many a sorrow, fought many a strife.
So why, dear brothers and sisters,
Should we mourn her loss.
She is free from the cold and the biting frost.
And if we walk in the light and have no fear,
We are sure to meet our mother there.
David Pratt, a son.

Note from Coni: Visited the cemetery 5/14/14
Pulaski Co. Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions with added Historical & Genealogial Notes –
Book: 3 Part: 6Salem Township 1977 – Pulaski County, Indiana – INGenWeb
Nauvoo Cemetery, Co Rd 1600 W
Last Name   First Name    Maiden     Year    Year
Pratt              Caroline          Trent           1845     1919
Pratt              Claude                                   1903     1971
Pratt              Elizabeth                              1875     1962
Pratt              Leslie                             10/13/1902 – 5/11/1946
Pratt              Richard                                1868      1937

Nauvoo Cemetery is located in Francesville, Pulaski County, IN –  in Salem Township, Pulaski Co, Indiana. It is on CR 1600 W, about 1/4 mile south of CR 900 S.

This cemetery is located about a mile NE of the junction of White, Pulaski, and Jasper co.
Degrees Minutes Seconds Decimal Degrees:
Latitude: 40°55’24” N Latitude: 40.923330
Longitude: 86°54’46” W Longitude: -86.912780

I am looking forward to starting back on my Maternal lines, for now my Barkhamsted Lighthouse is truly at point of being done – have a few projects in the works and just waiting til they all come together, until then… leaves me needing to switch gears and focus on my maternal sides for time being~