WELCOME to our blog: NEW Author – John Gilbert


So glad to have you on board~


I am so thrilled to be adding my cousin John Gilbert to our blog as our NEWEST BLOG AUTHOR~ He descends on my maternal side and will be working on the Gilbert side for all of us~ HE descends from my Mother Nancy (Gilbert) Allen’s – brother Bernard James (Jim) Gilbert.

The genealogy bug has bitten him also~ He will be adding post on his research on our Gilbert sides and like me has a passion for researching…. I am looking forward to all he uncovers~ He has been dabbling in genealogy now for a couple of years.

My Family Secret: A Brother by another Mother & Another Barkhamsted Lighthouse Descendant & family found~

Photo L2R
Top: My Father Rex Allen & Kenny Gilbert Jr.
Bottom: My Grandfather (Dad’s Father) Alvin Allen
and last my Brother Rex Allen Jr.
When I was 3 years old (1970) I had a cousin born named Kenny Gilbert Jr.
He was suppose to be the son of my Mother’s Brother Kenny (Sr.) & wife Nancy Gilbert…  Kenny Jr. and I grew up around each other and stayed close thru the years – I consider him one of my dearest friends and closest relative and now I am proud to call him Brother!!!!
ABT a month ago we had a DNA test done (familyteedna.com) for Kenny Gilbert Jr.  REASON being…. THRU the years there was always talk of Kenny Jr. actually being my Father Rex Allen (Sr.) Son…..  So with this I am bringing our “family secret forward”
I want to note: this is not to hurt any of our families… but was to finally prove one way or other and without a doubt we are 1/2 siblings~
Here goes: My father (Rex Allen) had an affair with my Mother’s-Brother’s (Kenny Gilbert Sr.) Wife Nancy many years ago…. Kenny Jr. & I have known it was a “possibility” and Kenny Jr. & I have ALWAYS been close regardless…
Kenny Jr. recently visited me here in Louisiana (been a few yrs since we’ve seen each other) once he stepped out of his truck I was shocked to see my father in his face – mainly the eyes~ The possibility became reality to me AT THAT MOMENT… I had no doubt he is my father’s son & MY BROTHER… all we had to do was prove it~ My Mother & her brother found out abt the affair and forgave them both for their infidelity…. my Father Rex Allen thou never admitted to being the biological father to Kenny… was always whispered abt and a secret in our family…. until today~ With DNA we have proven that Kenny Gilbert Jr. is my 1/2 brother by my Father Rex Allen and Nancy Gilbert.
1st on list to match Kenny in the Family finder is My Uncle Russ Allen
Him & Kenny share 1,955 Centimorgans
and 2nd on list is ME – Kenny & I share 1,940 Centimorgans!
He is also match to my cousin Tanna Chesser (All ALLEN SIDE’S)
Kenny should have NO MATCHES to the Allen’s if not an Allen!
(He should be Maternal side only)
States I am his 1/2 sibling~

Kenny 1Comparison Data for: Coni Marie Dubois, Half Siblings

(To Kenneth Gilbert Jr.)

Chromosome Start Location End Location centiMorgans (cM) # of Matching SNPs
1 72017 54260005 74.09 14209
1 87327144 90738153 4.74 897
1 186046778 189431595 1.87 600
1 220332910 228418452 6.51 2000
2 8290848 71750583 74.65 17877
2 96668807 100690010 1.87 700
3 3624300 63396850 73.35 16600
3 120240560 122056825 1.6 500
3 129723971 133916846 3.54 900
3 134748222 178352192 42.93 9388
4 23843172 152999288 111.63 24842
5 91139 34509939 51.52 9099
5 128908924 132242229 2.4 600
6 8086378 170761395 170.02 45559
7 2575835 103624569 110.61 25120
7 105543030 153665262 56.2 10630
8 154984 29864735 52.42 12186
8 143508808 146264218 1.99 641
9 36587 31543846 50.19 11511
9 111474408 126634192 21.44 4389
10 852889 135327873 176.01 38980
11 34237487 35515324 2.83 600
11 36877321 40048945 1.79 600
11 48014889 56273717 1.3 600
11 93315872 94905820 1.88 500
12 2538733 122453322 136 31286
13 27304251 73111539 47.47 12200
13 85871398 89818627 2.36 700
14 53476772 101008560 63.23 13356
15 18331687 99751548 117.12 21566
16 1778641 17430539 32.78 5417
17 3908603 50326693 64.1 11453
17 64595397 78639702 34.18 4385
18 3034 3309915 8.99 1092
18 5414807 76116152 104.32 19873
19 211912 2409247 5.95 695
19 16200874 63156396 66.34 10207
20 40021065 62382907 50.32 7699
21 9849404 46897738 58.99 10222
22 16372437 45772802 50.55 8618

10/28/17: GPR was done at the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Archaeology Preserve Site

​Via email/photos/permission to share from Paul Hart of the Barkhamsted Historical Society also photos and video from Ken & Jenn Feder.

Coni –

We did the ground penetrating radar (GPR) at the Lighthouse cemetery today (Friday, Oct 27).  This was set up by retired state archaeologist Nick Bellantoni, who recruited Debbie Surabian to operate the instrument.

Debbie is a soil scientist with the US Department of Agriculture.  We walked up to the cemetery mid day, without the radar instrument, and did a quick survey. Based on the trees and rocks at the site, she did not feel that a grid could be set up, or that the machine would operate effectively at the site.  So a grid was not laid out.  But Debbie did take some readings anyway.  Most of the readings were in the limited area of where the old fence was located around the cemetery.  She found that the disturbed soil from where the CCCs put that fence in during the 1930s was visible because it was near the surface of the ground.  She was able to confirm where one corner of the fence was located.  But the few passes she took inside the cemetery did not produce any clear readings that could be interpreted, which was a disappointment.  She said that tree roots and rocks were the cause of that.

Besides Debbie Surabian, Kenny Feder was here, along with retired state archaeologist Nick Bellantoni and the current state archaeologist Brian Jones and also Marc Banks, an archaeologist that has done work for the Barkhamsted Historical Society.  So we really had some high powered people.


Photo 1 – Kenny Feder talking to current state archaeologist Brian Jones at the Lighthouse cemetery.

Photo 2 –  The group at the Lighthouse cemetery discussing the site.

Photo 3 –  left to right- Eric Chiapponi, Brian Jones, Kenny Feder, Marc Banks, Nick Bellantoni at the Lighthouse cemetery site.

Photo 4 – Debbie Surabian operating the GPR instrument at the Barkhamsted Lighthouse cemetery site.

Photo 5 –  Left to right- Marc Banks, Debbie Surabian, Kenny Feder, Nick Bellantoni looking at the radar display screen, Lighthouse cemetery.

Photo 6 –  Kenny Feder, Debbie and Brian Jones discussing the GPR effort at the Lighthouse cemetery.

10/28/17 – Facebook post from Jenn Davis to Coni Dubois:

It was too rocky/too many tree roots to determine number of graves, which was a bummer. The only thing that was clear while we were looking at the machine was where the fence was. But they’re going to look at the data and eventually get the info to Kenny and he’ll make sure you get it too.

The guy who is the state archaeologist now was very interested in the site and mentioned wanting to get LiDAR images. Basically they’re aerial images that wipe out all the trees and vegetation and give great images of the features and foundations. So that would be really cool.

We’ll keep you posted!

Photos & video below: by Jenn Feder



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Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village Family Gathering July 3rd & 4th, 2020



Please join us for our 2nd Family Gathering in 2020!

Mark the date and please share this event with family and friends so that we can reach as many people possible~

In link above please click if going, interested or not going so we can get a rough estimate of people coming~

I have set up a GoFundMe page – to help with cost of gathering~

ANY donations is appreciated & will help~


My 50th BIRTHDAY wish…..

​For my 50th BIRTHDAY – Sept 18th:

My birthday wish is that YOU, EACH & every one of you, do 5 good deed’s for me~ 

YEP this is what I want!!!

Rules: Do it with love – no return…. like helping our elderly… mow, rake… visit! 

Do it just because YOU can~ 

Anything for the better good of OUR EARTH~

Mother Nature is teaching us how HUMANKIND, REGARDLESS OF RACE/BELIEFS CAN come together AS ONE, STAND AS ONE & work together AS ONE for PRESERVATION of our race~ As we see the devastation here on USA soil – destruction  is happening across the world….. instead of hate, discord…war, we need to remember these hard times and the good we can do working together~ 

My heart is heavy as I watch tv today… As a history buff I have researched many storms, sicknesses & wars thru the years… and my conclusion is we keep repeating our mistake… over & over again! Time to start focusing on our one true solid proof of our life = what created us…. for dust we came & dust we will become… Mother Nature needs all our help…. we are the ones destroying this planet! 

If a planet could be pissed…. I’d say our’s is!!!!

What one THING could you do, change, help with or fix to make a better world????

As I am turning 50…. 

I am reflecting on my years…

Did I do enough? 

I know I will… 

FROM here…. on out~

Those that steal, kill or hurt in anyway… remember…. it is your soul that lives with the burden…. you will pay in one form or another for your action… it will haunt your mind forever… love is the one true choice…. find peace, try being the better person… we alone chose our action, we alone have to live with those choices~ 

TRUST me when I say….. you never forget~