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20 years ago, My father made a request that would become my life’s quest/mission to find our Native American Roots.
In an ever widening circle,
Carry far the blood of Chaugham
And his spouse, brave Molly Barber,
Down the years with Adams, Hobson, Jacklin,
Lawrence, Barber, Elwell, Webster, Doty,
Berry, Cochran, And the thousands yet to follow~

I am close to putting the main pieces of the puzzle together – will be years of work ahead to connect all the true lineages (do them as I research them) it is down to the Narragansett‘s and the Brothertown Tribes (Great James married a Narragansett  and their daughter Janey was with a Hazard and had children) James brother Samuell (I believe this is his brother not father) line later became the Nocakes/Noka’s of the Narragansetts – These Chagum’s crossed back and forth with so many of the river tribes in the NY, CT, MA & NJ & PA areas –

I have done most of the 1600′s and the main Chieftains of  NY, CT, MA & NJ & PA areas (still filling in blanks – have main bases done though) – My main research is of the New York and Long Island Native Americans

I am a descendant (and what my work is based on)  of  Tackapausha, Tasstasuck, Sowheag, Sassacus, Mechoswodt, Sister of Penhawitz (father of both  Kakapeteyno) + more~ My Chagum line was involved with many land deeds and dealing with the Dutch and the English – They were the Scouts/Interpreters and occasions the Peace Makers and Medicine Men/Women – & direct descendants of those mention above~

What I have done is basically organized all genealogy of these Native American’s and documented them and sourced them with any thing that has ever been written about them in to their genealogy file (believe if it is written then it belongs to them – it is their legacy – it is their story~) I have copied and added each and every book, document, file, photo, vital record or family keepsakes & so much more to these people and their section of their stories- I then type each and every word (if able to copy then did) and source it to back up to each person/fact~  I am trying to make is as ACCURATELY as possible~

I only hope that I will add to the beautiful story I’ve uncover and honor them their stories with this research~This is my life’s work – My Quest to find my Native American Bloodline~ It has taken years of people like me that care about our true American history to dig in and try to find the truth – these are my Ancestors – I want to walk the lands of my people &  pay my respects to my Ancestors and their resting places .

Many peoples work is involved in my research – many have contributed and came on board – Special shout out to: William Brackett, Pat Stone, Sherry Carsten,  Naomi Kilgore, Keith Brown, Flo Legg, Pat Morey and the many more of you that have donated your work/time to my research – could not have gotten this far without all of you~ Thank You~
Even thou my family isn’t in any “tribe” or “registered”  we have still followed the Native American ways – I grew up off of the lands myself – all my people were mostly farmers – I have always been close to nature as much as possible~ WHAT a struggle it was in the past 400 year to make me – but I’m here! Our Ancestor’s live on thru us – we look like them, we share the same traits – I see myself in my 3 daughters every day – my granddaughter even acts like me too lol~
I do work with many tribes thou – I stand  neutral and don’t want to get into the politics of it – I just want to record what I can now before it is all lost~ I will be planning next years trips over the winter  – those wanting to share and get involved and record the sacred areas/dances/rituals and such can contact me via  or on Facebook – Host/know abt any special events  – please also send info via email~ Schedule book is open – Will plan around events – each area means something for me – will be covering mostly Long Island and Rhode Island next year – main trip with be on Long Island – plan to stay a few weeks~ Looking forward to meeting many of you!
The greatest lesson in life your children will ever receive, is the history from their grandparents, if they are still alive and can speak with them, allow them to embrace that knowledge. Wisdom comes from the roots, and the root is life unto the soul… – Original Man

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  1. Diane (Barber) Taylor

     /  March 24, 2011

    I am the daughter of Donald Barber.son of Howard Barber and Ethel Doan.Howard was the youngest son of James Barber and Emma Woods.James lived to be 90yrs. and lived in PA. Covington PA T.?

  2. So glad to be connected Diane – I also have a Facebook Group you might be interested on – for the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village – Link can be found on left~

  3. Cool! I read an archaeology book about the Barkhamsted Lighthouse a while back. I’m descended from a Mohican-German Palatine couple almost contemporary with them. They were married 1719 in Kingston, NY. Unfortunately the land they lived on has been developed for a long time, so a similar study couldn’t be done. It would be interesting, though.

  4. My great grandmothers grandmother was Sarah Noka. Daughter of Samuel Noka/Nocakes


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