Welcome Susan Shepard to our Research Team and our Blog as a new Author!

It has been a while since I’ve actually got my computer up and running – with my Galaxy tab and cell it is been easier just to pick up and read and go back to what I was doing – I missed researching thou – Jaybird is finally offshore and I am stocked up and locked up (house) to do some major researching – I am very happy to report a new Researcher that is joining my Research Team – Susan Shepard – she lives locally in Litchfield and has joined and adding her research to ours – I’m really excited to also announce she is coming on board as a Author on our blog http://www.conidubois.wordpress.com – after many messages, phone calls we have determine our work is parallel to each other and we are joining together to tell the story of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse People and their descendants – I am SUPER EXCITED to have Susan on our team and can’t wait to see all she is has! She has agreed to work on Samuel and Solomon Chagum (Shoggum) and is already hot on their trail – she has already collected deeds and records and will be mapping what we believe is the path of James and Molly for me and that pf the paths of their descendants along with key tribes and such in the area – which I will also be mapping Indian paths, stage couches (will be working on any records of stage couches – Needing info on Hartford Stage Couch mainly records if anyone is interested in tackling this?) along with time frame of James and Molly and Land transactions and that of their descendants (I have collected most of the Lighthouse deeds – even have the last one of Robert’s who donated land to People’s State Forrest – Susan and I will be working on getting her added to everything (research team – she is putting a write up of all of her publications and such along with experiences for you) I will also be added her to our blog and getting her set up~ I am super excited to have her on our team and I am looking forward to many years of researching with her – she will be bringing so much to this research and to be a local to the areas and knows locations and names so well is invaluable (She will be my guide to area so future videos coming) just in the few months she has helped me tremendously~ Bear with us as we get her all set up~


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