As the New Year rolls in~

I look back at all I did this year and I’ve realized I’ve gained a lot of new family members and connected to several long-lost relatives thru my genealogy research this year – It was an amazing year for me in my research – (See Genealogy Trip Notes) I was able to travel to New York and walk the lands & burial grounds of Reuben & Hannah (Chagam) Barber (See my Photo’s) , I was able to visit Barkhamsted Connecticut and meet/listen to Kenny Feder (See video’s ) and walk the lands & burial grounds of James and Molly (Barber) Chagam and the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village , I was able to go to Massachusetts and see the place/attractions of the Salem Witch Trials and Plymouth Rock and Mayflower,  I visited Block Island and drove a moped all over the Island (See my Photo’s)- Seen most of the attractions and lands of my Ancestor’s while there – I started working with 3 Archaeologist, several Historical Societies, Historians, Authors and other researchers this year – It has been a very productive year for my research and I – Can’t wait to see what the next year holds – I know that I have a lot of exciting things happening this year – we are planning another trip to Block Island some time around end of June – will post future dates when I get them~ I’m also planning a trip to Long Island – going around the same time end of June~ Looking forward to the New Year~

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