About Coni

I guess I’d better fill you in on who I am

I promise what you are about to read …IS the truth…..
Ok let’s get the basics out: I’m 37 years old…5’1 about a 110 lbs…
Been a dancer all of my life….
Long, curly, brown/black hair with green-green eyes,
 3 daughters (1st husbands girls)
and 1 step-daughter
(whom I love just as if she was mine!)….
I have one dog (Bulldog and my boy) and 1 bird (MEAN BIRD!)
YES… I’m Married for the 3rd time…Don’t ask……….
ok you asked….
1st the father of my 3 girls ( 16. 14, 13)
ONLY good thing he’s ever done was make my wonderful daughters ~
He was the devil  himself…8 years of HELLwith him…
13 years of raising my girls without any support or help from him  
All worth it thou –they are AWESOME & he lost out on that!
2nd Husband was a bum ……..
He took me to rock bottom ….. it was a hard lesson to learn
Won’t go in to too much details
(Mark took his own life 6/17/05 God Rest His Soul )
~I believe he paid his dues~
3rd hubby is 5 years younger then me   
but that is ok …..(what is that saying Paw?
Get em’ young and teach them right  I do believe it is!)
Been a good hubby thou… 
 I have to tell you all I’m stubborn and mean so he has his hands full …….
He does have my  & I Love him bunches and bunches!
Think I’ll keep him a lil longer … Took a strong man to keep me (huh paw? )
I’m a Photographer now….Love to take pictures
Have had 2 pictures published….So proud of myself~
I love anything Native American……..Collect all kinds of things~
Really love Pots ( the ones you grow plants in ) any kinds of shape or size ~
I collect White Buffalo’s I love my White Buffalo’s!
(hint hint to hubby)
I love to dance…………any form of it………..My girls are the same way too,
Music on all the time…all kinds… from Country to Techno …we love it all!
Won’t ever be too old to dance Dancing has always been my
Ok now what is going on in my world…..Coni’s View……..
Figured I’d just spill the beans and let it all out
Bad’s in my world:  I have a father in-law who has cancer…stage 4…
very sick since July 2004~
~Spend alot of time doing all I can to help them out~
MY father in Indiana also is very sick…
Heart disease, lung disease & alot of other stuff…
Say a prayer for them both
Wondering why I’m not crazy yet huh?
 We all have to start somewhere I decided to start here…
My path has been long and hard but I wouldn’t change one step or one second of it…
I’m a STRONGER women for it
 and all the wonderful FRIENDS I’VE MADE Along the way was worth it~
I’m not a writer………..suck on spelling and have no clue as what goes where…..
I love the internet world…So  here is my lil space that I can be ME
How wonderful is that
I feel lucky God has blessed me with
WONDERFUL FRIENDS, a good body, strong mind
and great personality
what more could I ask for?
Welcome to my world  from my view
Hugs & Luv

One Comment on “About Coni

  1. Hey Coni,
    I miss ya bunches.  I\’m okay here just wanted to say Hi and that we miss ya and love ya lots


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